Care Tips

You love your garments and your garments love you back, so here are some useful tips to keep them in their best condition;

  1. Hand-wash your pieces. You might want to save time by throwing them in the washer with your usual load but we discourage that. Washing machines can be rough for delicate pieces of clothing! However, if you must (we understand the need to save time sometimes), we recommend a gentle cycle. 
  3. Don't put your pieces in the dryer at a high temperature. The best way to avoid shrinkage or pull of any kind is to dry them flat. Still, sometimes you want to wear that perfect bralette or panty out and about and there's no time for it to dry flat! In that case, treat your pieces to a gentle cycle at the lowest heat or tumble dry.
  5. Use the gentlest of the soaps and, of course, no bleach. Even white pieces may be sensitive to bleach. If you have a stain on a white garment we recommend using a gentle soap, letting it sit and drying it out in the sun. Mother nature does wonders to white garments!

Have any further questions? Send off an email to and we'll be more than happy to help!